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Book review: Get Rich Slow

get rich slow

A little while ago, I received a free copy of Get Rich Slow by Sarah Riegelhuth (not in exchange for review on this blog, just as a result of completing a survey). As regular readers know, I’m passionate about the need to take control of your own finances, which is also the basic message of this book. Unlike a lot of personal finance books, it’s about putting strategies in place to gradually grow your wealth over the long-term, as opposed to advocating get rich quick schemes. Continue reading

To my daughter on my return to work


tidying upv2Today I return to work after 8 months of maternity leave. I, of course, have mixed emotions. Some are positive – excitement at the opportunity to use my brain again and spend more time around adults. To be someone other than ‘mum’. But there have been tears (mine). There has been guilt and second-guessing.

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Why I’m taking a blogging break

holiday palm tree sun

I’ve preached more than once about learning to say no and not overcommitting yourself  but, like many, I’m not always good at taking my own advice.

I’ve decided to change this by taking a bit of a break from blogging. I only have one month left until my daughter starts daycare and I want to enjoy that month free from any distractions. That means a number of things, including blogging, will just need to wait for a little while.

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The supermum myth


Mummy guilt – it’s huge isn’t it? I think it’s compounded if you’re a perfectionist, like I am.

I’ve always put a lot of pressure on myself – trying to be the best I can be across all aspects of my life: the best wife, friend, daughter, employee etc. Now I’m trying to be the best mother too, which I’m finding is a whole new level of perfectionism. When you literally have someone’s life depending on you, it’s easy to feel a lot of pressure.

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My post-baby body journey: Check in #1

post-baby body #1
About six weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about how I felt about my body post-birth. In it, I made a list of the 12 things I’d spend the next 30 days doing. I also promised to check in with you after those 30 days and update you on how I was doing.

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Reverse bucket list: March 2016 achievements

reverse bucket list march 16

Well it’s been huge month and now the year is a quarter over! My baby girl is 4 months old which means she’ll be one before I know it. I’m still a little in shock about how different my life is from a year ago.

Anyway the end of March means it’s time for another reverse bucket list. Wondering what that is?

Well, you probably know what a bucket list is right? A list of all those things you want to do ‘one day.’ Well a reverse bucket list is the opposite. It’s about keeping a list of all the great things you’ve already done. It’s like a reverse to do list. Appreciate the things you have done, rather than focusing on those you haven’t.

I’ve found it such a beneficial way to actually take stock and learn to love the little things.

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Book review: The New Contented Little Baby Book

Contented Little Baby

The New Contented Little Baby Book was recommended to me by one of the mothers in my mothers group. Her baby was sleeping through the night and I asked her what her secret was. Turns out she’d be following the routines in this book since her son’s birth and the results were enough to make me read the book immediately!

As some of you know, getting your baby to sleep through the night is the holy grail for many new parents, myself included. Routines for babies however, are somewhat controversial. Some people are passionately against them and prefer to follow their baby’s queues for eating and sleeping. It’s probably pretty obvious though that I’m pro routine. I didn’t have any kind of routine for the first 8 weeks of my daughter’s life and it was starting to get to me. It was hard to plan anything, as I was never sure when she would nap during the day (or for how long) or what time I’d finally manage to get her to sleep at night.

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[SPONSORED POST] How to Deal with the Health Insurance Rate Rises

tidying upv2

1 April isn’t just April Fool’s Day – it’s also the day health insurance premiums rise! If, like most people, you’d rather not try to find extra money in your budget to cover this, this post from Health Insurance Comparison outlines what you can do. Please note this is a sponsored post, however I truly believe you’ll find the information useful.

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Reverse bucket list: February 2016 achievements

Feb 16 bucket listI admit I’m a little late with this one – March is half over and I’m only now just looking back on February! I’ve been on holidays and then sick though, if that’s any excuse.

If you’re new around here, you may not be familiar with my reverse bucket list. You probably know what a bucket list is though right?

If you do keep a bucket list, does it kind of make you both happy and stressed out at the same time? Do you wonder how you’re ever going to find the time to do all the things on your list?

Well a reverse bucket list is the opposite. It’s about keeping a list of all the great things you’ve already done. If you haven’t tried it, please do. It will make you appreciate things more. It will make you a little calmer. And it will make you realise you’re already doing so many great things! I’ve found it such a beneficial way to actually take stock and learn to love the little things.

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My post-baby body journey

bucket list julyConfession time – I’m not happy with my post-baby body. I’m about 7kg off my pre-pregnancy weight and it’s getting to me. baby weight

I can make excuses – Due to some complications from the tough labour I’m still not allowed to exercise (generally, it’s fine to exercise from 6 weeks postpartum, but I’m 13 weeks and still don’t have the all clear). Due to my husband’s work, I’m doing a lot of this parenting on my own and so I don’t have a lot of spare time to cook healthy meals. The heat over summer has been ridiculous, and so I have not gone for long walks as much as I meant to (which is the only form of exercise I’m allowed to do).

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