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Finding balance between work and motherhood

work and motherhood

In a true indication of how I’m struggling to find a balance between work and motherhood (and anything else), I started reading When Business Meets Baby, a relatively short book, about 8 weeks ago. I struggle to find the time to read these days! Continue reading

Seven things I’ve learnt in my first year of being a parent

seven-parenting-lessons-first-yearMy daughter turned one a week and a half ago. I can’t quite decide if it’s gone fast or slow – you know that quote “the days are long, but the years are short”? I think that pretty much sums it up! parenting lessons

A lot of the year has been a bit of a blur (I blame the lack of sleep) but I have learnt a few things along the way:

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The Lulla Doll: magical sleep aid or expensive toy?


My daughter holding her Lulla Doll’s hand while she sleeps!

When my daughter was eight months old and still not sleeping through the night, I caved and bought a Lulla Doll. I’d heard of them before, but wasn’t desperate/sleep deprived enough the first time to get on the pre-order list for one. The next time there was a release in Australia, I attempted to jump on board. Problem was, they sold out in 24 hours and I didn’t get one in time. These dolls are popular! I wasn’t prepared to wait for the next release though, so I bought one from a store in Canada and got it shipped to Australia.

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Review: Plum Collections

plum-collectionsI was so, so excited when I was offered the opportunity to review Plum Collections clothing and sleeping bags – it came with a bunch of free items for my daughter! Please note however, that while I received some free items, I was not paid for this review and Plum did not have any control over what I published in this review.

Plum is an Australian-owned family business, based in Sydney. The first thing that struck me when I opened the package from them was the quality – the fabrics were just lovely! My daughter, who never seems to show much of an interest in what I dress her in, kept playing with her clothes (especially the dresses), so I’m guessing she was a fan too!

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Invest in the now

Invest in the now

I have been facing a pleasant conundrum in recent weeks – for the first time ever I have got a fairly decent tax return (probably the result of not working for half the year!). There are many practical things I could put it towards – the mortgage, things for our daughter, our rainy day fund (which was seriously depleted by said maternity leave). But what I really want to do is take a family holiday to Fiji! For the three years prior to having a baby we travelled regularly, but obviously we’re not quite as free as we once were. But I love travel and have been hanging out for a holiday – it’s hard to go from two overseas trips a year to none! invest in the now

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What really happens at sleep school

sleep school

You might remember that a few short months ago my baby girl was a great sleeper and I was praising a certain book for getting her into a routine. Well I should have never been so quick to proclaim it, because once she hit 4 months old, everything fell apart. There’s an awful thing called the 4 month sleep regression that I had no idea about till it hit – in short, a baby’s sleep often gets worse for about a month at this time. Unfortunately in our case though, things never went back to normal. Previously we consistently had 1 hour naps in the morning and afternoon and a 2 hour nap in the middle of the day. I never realised how good that was until it turned into three 45 minute naps a day (and I mean, exactly 45 minutes!)

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My post-baby body journey: Check in #2

This may be how my fitness journey has been going lately... it's cold out!

This may be how my fitness journey has been going lately… it’s cold out!

Way back in February, I wrote a post on how I felt about my body since the birth of my daughter. In that post I listed 12 things I was going to do to improve both my body and my mindset about it. I even did a follow up post in April sharing my progress and promising to check in monthly. Since then? Silence. Crickets. Sorry about that.

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To my daughter on my return to work


tidying upv2Today I return to work after 8 months of maternity leave. I, of course, have mixed emotions. Some are positive – excitement at the opportunity to use my brain again and spend more time around adults. To be someone other than ‘mum’. But there have been tears (mine). There has been guilt and second-guessing.

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Why I’m taking a blogging break

holiday palm tree sun

I’ve preached more than once about learning to say no and not overcommitting yourself  but, like many, I’m not always good at taking my own advice.

I’ve decided to change this by taking a bit of a break from blogging. I only have one month left until my daughter starts daycare and I want to enjoy that month free from any distractions. That means a number of things, including blogging, will just need to wait for a little while.

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The supermum myth


Mummy guilt – it’s huge isn’t it? I think it’s compounded if you’re a perfectionist, like I am.

I’ve always put a lot of pressure on myself – trying to be the best I can be across all aspects of my life: the best wife, friend, daughter, employee etc. Now I’m trying to be the best mother too, which I’m finding is a whole new level of perfectionism. When you literally have someone’s life depending on you, it’s easy to feel a lot of pressure.

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