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How to make good on your goals


The toughest thing (at least for me) about being a mum is trying to achieve my own goals. I still want to do as many things as before, but I suddenly find myself with a lot less time to achieve them. When you have a child, it’s easy to put yourself last.

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Invest in the now

Invest in the now

I have been facing a pleasant conundrum in recent weeks – for the first time ever I have got a fairly decent tax return (probably the result of not working for half the year!). There are many practical things I could put it towards – the mortgage, things for our daughter, our rainy day fund (which was seriously depleted by said maternity leave). But what I really want to do is take a family holiday to Fiji! For the three years prior to having a baby we travelled regularly, but obviously we’re not quite as free as we once were. But I love travel and have been hanging out for a holiday – it’s hard to go from two overseas trips a year to none! invest in the now

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My post-baby body journey: Check in #2

This may be how my fitness journey has been going lately... it's cold out!

This may be how my fitness journey has been going lately… it’s cold out!

Way back in February, I wrote a post on how I felt about my body since the birth of my daughter. In that post I listed 12 things I was going to do to improve both my body and my mindset about it. I even did a follow up post in April sharing my progress and promising to check in monthly. Since then? Silence. Crickets. Sorry about that.

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My post-baby body journey: Check in #1

post-baby body #1
About six weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about how I felt about my body post-birth. In it, I made a list of the 12 things I’d spend the next 30 days doing. I also promised to check in with you after those 30 days and update you on how I was doing.

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My post-baby body journey

bucket list julyConfession time – I’m not happy with my post-baby body. I’m about 7kg off my pre-pregnancy weight and it’s getting to me. baby weight

I can make excuses – Due to some complications from the tough labour I’m still not allowed to exercise (generally, it’s fine to exercise from 6 weeks postpartum, but I’m 13 weeks and still don’t have the all clear). Due to my husband’s work, I’m doing a lot of this parenting on my own and so I don’t have a lot of spare time to cook healthy meals. The heat over summer has been ridiculous, and so I have not gone for long walks as much as I meant to (which is the only form of exercise I’m allowed to do).

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Dr Cris Beer’s sleep advice

Dr Cris SleepSo despite the fact I attended Utopia Women’s’ Wellness nearly two months ago, I still have two more posts planned based on what I learnt on the day. I thought I finally better get around to writing at least one of them!

I’ve previously written about Dr Cris Beer and her thoughts on balance. During her presentation at Utopia she shared some equally good points on sleep. Apparently 1 in 5 Australians struggle with sleep and sleeping tablets are the third most prescribed drugs in Australia.

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My most popular blog posts of 2015

quitting is not always bad

I normally look back on my most popular posts of the previous year at the end of December, but I’ve been a little sidetracked (and by sidetracked, I mean a sleep deprived new mum!). Better late than never right? So if you’re new to the blog, or just curious to have a stickybeak at what other people are reading, then take a look at my 10 most popular blog posts of 2015:

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Goal setting for 2016

Everyone seems to have a strong opinion about new year’s resolutions. On the negative side, some people argue that you shouldn’t wait until the start of new year to make changes to your life. Others argue that resolutions/goals are too rigid and new year’s themes or intentions are more practical.

My view? Do whatever works for you. And for me, that’s setting a few new year’s resolutions. I like them. While I agree that you can and should make changes to your life and/or your goals at any time of the year, a new year provides a reminder to reflect on the past year and what you might like to achieve in the new one.

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On finding balance

Dr Cris Beer

A few weeks ago I attended Utopia Women’s’ Wellness – an annual holistic health conference. My favourite presenter on the day was Dr Cris Beer, a specialist in nutritional medicine. I hadn’t heard of Dr Cris before, but one thing she said was really an ‘a-ha moment’ for me.

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Tips for happiness


While channel surfing a few weeks ago, I came across a replay of One Plus One on ABC News 24. The person being interviewed was Paul Dolan, the author of Happiness by Design 

Before I share what I learnt, I do want to be cautious and make it clear that I haven’t personally suffered from depression or anxiety, so I can’t write from experience. I’m simply sharing the views of Paul and what I found interesting during his interview.

First of all, Paul’s definition of happiness is the experience of pleasure and purpose over time (‘over time’ being a key point). He also thinks that luck plays a large role in happiness, and what happens to us throughout our life. As he points out, most people hate this thought, as it means they don’t control things, but our genes form the basis of our general happiness. Thankfully though, there are things you can do to be happier.

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