Whole30 – the first 15 days


I’m currently completing my first Whole30. If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s a 30 day cleanse/reset that’s pretty strict – there’s no alcohol, soy, sugar, grains, dairy or legumes. So basically, a lot of meat, eggs, vegetables and fruit – a hardcore version of paleo.

I decided to do this because despite the fact my daughter is 2 and a bit, I still haven’t ‘lost all the baby weight’ and wasn’t having any success in my attempts to lose it. Things that would have worked pre-kids, like completing an 8 week round of I Quit Sugar and a 3 month running challenge, just weren’t working. I did manage to get into a pretty good fitness routine over the past few months though (at least until I sprained my ankle), so I figured it was the food that needed attention.

I was at the point where I was seriously considering a possible medical condition as the reason I couldn’t lose weight, but as a blood test with my doctor didn’t reveal anything, a trip to the naturopath was next on my list. A friend of mine who’s a regular Whole30-er suggested trying this first, so I decided to give it a shot.

Here’s a little snapshot of my thoughts during the program so far:

Days 1 – 2:
  • This is pretty easy. I’ll be fine.
  • The food is surprising delicious. Turns out you can make things tasty without cheese, pasta or rice
  • Wow I’m eating a lot of meat
  • Will the cooking ever stop?
  • I’m already not coping with breakfast. Googling “Whole30 breakfasts” repeatedly to try to find things that are compliant but don’t look like dinner. I’m sorry, but I just can’t stomach a whole heap of meat and vegetables for breakfast and there’s only so many times I can eat eggs.
Day 3:
  • Uh oh. My daughter is sick and all she wants is noodles, toast and milk. And I have to make them. And not touch anything. What kind of test/torture is this?
Day 4:
  • I’m not even hungry, is that a good thing or a bad thing? I don’t feel like lunch until 2pm, and even then I only eat half of it
  • I am MISSING tea with milk though. Buy almond/coconut milk to have with black tea and it tastes disgusting. Decide to go back to rooibus, even though I’m already sick of it.
  • I feel like I’m less bloated. First non-scale victory!
Day 5:
  • It’s Australia Day. I want to eat sausages on bread with tomato sauce. I also want ice cream. And wine. Why am I doing a Whole30 in summer?
Day 8 – 9:
  • I am SO hungry, I really want to eat at a restaurant (something I did regularly before I started this) and I’m ┬áre-obsessed with solving the milky tea problem.
Day 10:
  • Black tea with almond milk suddenly tastes alright. Weird. My tastebuds are changing?
Day 11:
  • One of my co-workers is having a birthday and I can’t touch the office birthday cake :(
Day 14:
  • My friend who suggested Whole30 has me over for dinner and cooks me a compliant meal. Delish! I only miss our usual glass of wine a little bit.
Day 15:
  • A thing called tiger blood (basically a hit of energy) is supposed to kick in this week. I’m not sure if it has yet, but I am feeling motivated to get lots done and I feel AMAZING after a workout, so maybe this is it.


So 15 more days to go, but then there’s a reintroduction period which is like 16 more days with only a little ‘cheating’ in that time as I reintroduce different food groups. The end is seeming close, but there’s still a while to go really.

Overall, I’m really happy and definitely planning to stick this out. You’re not supposed to weigh yourself while on the program, because they want you to focus on the other benefits of eating well. I think that’s a great philosophy, but I admit I’ve cheated and weighed myself. Clearly I need to work on not measuring my success by the scales alone. But on the plus side I’ve lost weight, which has given me the motivation to keep going!


Have you done a Whole30? Do you have any tips for the next 15 days you’d like to share with me by leaving a comment below?


  1. Well done you! It’s good to reset your relationship with food sometimes. And I’m glad my meal helped you stay motivated!

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