toddler confidenceAah to have the confidence of a toddler. I have an almost 2 year old and after getting dressed in the morning (clothes are usually her choice) she regularly runs to the mirror and says ‘beautiful’ to her reflection.

It makes me laugh, but it’s also had me thinking recently – are kids overconfident, or are we too insecure? Is there anything wrong with telling yourself you’re beautiful every day? At what point do we go from that to judging our body, listening to the ‘mean girl’ in our head and pointing out our flaws rather than our strengths? toddler confidence

While I think there’s probably a happy middle ground, if I had to choose between one extreme or the other, I’d choose hers, but (like probably most of you), I tend to pick the latter. It’s easy to blame society and that definitely plays a big part – confidence is often called cockiness and magazines pick out the flaws in celebrities’ bodies. But at some point we need to buy into all of that.

I’m not writing this to give you advice. I’m definitely not a shining example of body confidence and self-love. Despite the fact my body has done amazing things, including carrying and birthing a child, I still hate on it. But I recognise that’s not the right way. I recognise that I need to be kinder to myself, which is the first step. Hopefully this post makes you realise the same, because we should, and can, be a little kinder to ourselves.