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So you may have noticed that I haven’t been posting very frequently. Sorry about that. Life has gotten busy (side note: how do other working mums find time to get anything done? Hats off to you if you are one!)

Long-term might remember that I used to do a monthly ‘reverse bucket list’ post. It’s been quite a while since I’ve done one, but I thought I might do a ‘Things I love’ post instead to bring you up-to-date with where things are at in my world and give a shout out to some awesome things I’ve discovered recently:

Things I love

Overseas Travel

I absolutely love travel, but since having a baby I haven’t been anywhere. For someone that was travelling overseas several times a year for the 4 years prior, it’s been tough (and such a first world problem!) I’m so excited that my travel drought is finally about to end – we’ve booked our first family holiday to Fiji in November to celebrate our wedding anniversary and our daughter’s first birthday.

Lulla Doll

lulla-doll Things I LoveIf you like my Facebook page , you’ll know that I got my hands on a Lulla Doll a little while ago – in fact, I was so desperate to get my hands on one I got it shipped from Canada! Unfortunately it didn’t work like magic for us – my daughter was not at all interested at first, but they seem to have made good friends now and I think we’re starting to see results. I don’t feel ready to write a full review of it just yet (we’re still not using it overnight), but once we get there I’ll share my thoughts in a post.

Sleeping through the night

Despite the fact we aren’t using Lulla overnight yet, my daughter has started (occassionally) sleeping through the night! Finally! She’s 9 months old now, so it’s been a long time since I’ve had a full night’s sleep. She’s averaging about 4 nights a week where she sleeps through the night (or wakes up briefly and puts herself back to sleep within a few minutes), so I’m hopeful this will continue to improve.

Gossip Girl

I’ve just finished watching the entire Gossip Girl series. How did I miss it when it was originally released? Safe to say I was addicted – I’m having Blair and Chuck withdrawls! If you can recommend another similar Netflix series for me to check out I’d love to hear from you!

Virgin Active

I was previously a Virgin Active member a few years ago, then after a brief flirtation with Fitness First I rejoined Virgin in June. It’s such a great gym! I love barre classes (I’m a wannabe ballerina from way back), so it’s great to be able to do those without having to purchase a separate barre studio membership – those classes can get expensive!

When Business meets Baby

If you missed my previous announcement, I’m going to be quoted in a real life book! It’s called When Business Meets Baby and the author is sharing her experiences of balancing work and home once her baby was born. Sadly Rachel, like me, has lost her mum, so she’s using some quotes from a blog post I wrote on this top (LINK?) The book is available in December and has a fabulous list of contributors I’m so lucky to be one of them!

My Pal Violet

Okay, it’s not me that loves this toy – it’s my daughter! A surprise gift from her Aunty and Uncle, My Pal Violet has been programmed to sign songs and play games that involve using my daughter’s name, favourite food and favourite colour. Every time the dog says her name she gets a huge grin on her face! It’s just the cutest thing ever.


Just before my daughter started sleeping through the night, I cracked under 9 months of poor sleep and checked into QT Sydney for a night to myself. I went to their day spa (which is expensive, but amazing!), got takeaway and ate chocolate and watched TV in the bath. Oh and I slept in until 9.15am – yay! I’m thinking of pushing for a night like this every three months.


plum-collections Things I loveI was offered the opportunity to do a review of Plum baby and kids clothing and the incredibly generous owner, Eugenie, sent my daughter so many items! They just arrived a few days ago, so I’ll post a review in a few weeks.

I’d love to know what you’re loving right now! Please let me know by leaving a comment below.

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