The 10 best things about Japan

I’ve just gotten back from a whirlwind trip to Japan. To be honest, it had never been a country that had rated highly on my must travel list. Not for any good reason, I just thought of myself as more of a Europe girl (isn’t everyone?). But my husband Phil LOVES Japan. He’s lived and studied there twice, for two years in total. He speaks fluent Japanese too, so I couldn’t think of a more perfect person to show me Japan!

Japan was amazing and like no other country I’ve ever travelled to before. I didn’t find it an easy country personally (it’s so different from Australia!)  but it’s fascinating and we packed so much into 9 days. If you’ve ever thought about travelling to Japan (or just want to check out some pretty travel photos!) here’s my 10 favourite things about Japan:

1. Dumplings

Pretty much goes without saying right? I think dumplings are my favourite food in the world, and the Japanese are experts at gyoza and dumplings. Phil and I both agreed that we had the best dumplings in our life in Tokyo, and that’s despite eating dumplings at the world’s cheapest Michellin star restaurant, the famed Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong.

Where did we find these delicious dumplings? Fire Dragon in Tokyo. Of course, they don’t have a website I can easily link to here to share the love, but there’s a few ratings on TripAdvisor, and an address. Do yourself a favour if you’re in Tokyo and go!

The dumplings are handmade right in front of you at Fire Dragon.

The dumplings are handmade right in front of you at Fire Dragon.

The noodles are pretty good too!

The noodles are pretty good too!

We also went to a super fun gyoza restaurant in Kyoto. We sat at the bar drinking beer and yuzu cocktails while watching the staff make delicious gyoza. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of this one and Google is not helping me! The most deta


  1. Oh! This is so serendipitous. I’m about to start planning a Japan itinerary for mid-2015. I will be bookmarking this post to refer to. So many great, quirky aspects to your trip – which is exactly what I love in an itinerary. Did you go to any onsen?

  2. I never really thought of going to Japan, it isn’t high on my list, but you certainly make it look intriguing!

  3. Oh how lucky to have a Japanese speaking husband! Would have made life so much easier!! I LOVE Japan after we went in 2013, and it’s pretty high on our list of places to go back to. We went in Summer, so I would love to go in Autumn and see the fall colours like your picture! Love this list Mel. :)

    Also, thanks so much for linking up with #wanderlust last month. Sorry for the delay in stopping by to read your post – I had surgery in December, and I needed to take a little break from it all. The January linkup is live as of yesterday, and we would love to have you again if you haven’t linked up already! xo

    • Hi Talia – thanks for your feedback! Glad you liked the post.

      I don’t write many travel posts, but I am going to Vietnam and Cambodia in April, and probably Eastern Europe this year, so I’ll make sure those posts go on your monthly link up!

      I hope your surgery went well x

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